We sell wholesale enamel and porcelain ware and for those customers that want to become our partners, implementing quality dining sets. If you have your own exclusive porcelain shop, you could make a wholesale order on our website at attractive prices are really high-quality, refined porcelain. Such products will be in demand among customers, who appreciate the truly expensive stuff and try to surround yourself with them.

Wholesale Japanese porcelain is also designed for restaurateurs, who sough to make the institution better, offering its visitors not only the best food and drinks from the menu, but when serving tables of quality kitchenware. We are confident that our offer will interest the owners of hotels, resorts, and other vacation spots where it's important to emphasize the special atmosphere with table service.


Dear customers, we have tried to simplify the ordering procedure.

Just send us an e-mail: info@farforopt.ru with notice:

1. Name of the company (private enterpreneur)

2. Contact person, phone, e-mail

3. Address for delivery (actual)

We will send you a wholesale price list and conditions of cooperation


If you become our client, you get:

1. Fast order processing

2. Early arrivals

3. Reservation for up to 5 working days

4. Special terms and conditions


Delivery to the regions by any shipping company, at the option of the customer, in all cities of the Russian Federation.

Delivery to a shipping company in the city of Moscow is for our expense!

For all questions related to the work of our company, you could consult by phone +7 (499) 674-08-25 or by  E-mail: info@farforopt.ru


We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation!