Salad Bowl 24 cm

Salad Bowl  24 cm
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If you want to present gourmet gift pay your attention on the glass of Soga

The company «SOGA GLASS» Japan was founded in 1907. The company SOGA GLASS Japan specializes on the production of glass by applying the method of injection molding (pressing the press form). Company SOGA GLASS produces glass that has a Crystal glitter. The glass SOGA Japan is ecologically harmless. It’s not part of the lead. The products of SOGA GLASS thanks to its quality and refinement of forms, gas won the hearts of customers all over the world. The brand of SOGA GLASS is very popular in foreign markets. In Japanese industry of glass the company Soga Glass occupies the first place in export sales. The beauty of glass evaluated on such indicators as: density, transparency, brilliance and dispersion of sunlight streams in a product made of glass. These are main indicators by applying that, glass blowers and fans of high-quality products to identify the advantages and disadvantages of glass products. Glass “Soga Glass” shines refined brilliance, it’s comparable to the work of art. Thanks to a selection of angles formed by edges, glass SOGA are unusually bright multi-color light. Modern products of company SOGA GLASS are the culmination of a century of development and improvement of the production. The quality and refinement of glass is a combination of several factors: relentless pursuit of improvement of the production process and the use of modern equipment.

Staining and painting products is carried out with the help of special spray machines and manually. Finished products are packaged in elegant boxes and send to buyers worldwide.