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The world famous Japanese porcelain, consistently calling for all the peoples of the deepest admiration, the sophisticated design, perfect white and rich gloss.

The Japanese began to produce his own porcelain much later, but the result exceeded all expectations. And if China is the homeland of porcelain, Japan, owns the most modern technologies of production, is a country that produces high quality porcelain.

Our online shop present a porcelain Dinnerware by world-renowned Japanese firms, such as «JAPONICA», «ZERO»,  «SOGA»  и «PEACOCK».

We are glad to propose to you a wide assortment of products from glass and porcelain: canteens and tea sets, teapots, vases and interior decoration items, as well as thermos and enameled ware.

The undisputed advantages of the products include:

Porcelain tableware:

  • awide range;
  • high quality porcelain;
  • sophisticated design;
  • variety of forms;
  • ecologically harmless

 Glass Soga:

  • high quality glass which has a Crystal glitter;
  • the lead is not included;
  • each items undergoes rigorous controls;
  • ecologically harmless


  • coating of enamel prevents food from entering the metal ions, and the flavour of food won't distort
  • the smell of food does not linger on the walls of сookware;
  • coating of enamel is resistant to alkalis and acids and does not enter into chemical reaction with food;
  • smooth vitreous enamel surface prevents bacteria from multiplying  


  • high quality;
  • the ability to retain heat within 24 hours;
  • elegant shape and great design


Deep knowledge of the conjecture of the Japanese and Russian markets porcelain and enamel ware allows us to keep prices low for high quality products and to respond   quickly to changes in consumer demand.


We will be glad to see you among our regular customers!