Japanese porcelain is exquisite at every table


Are you looking for a luxury gift? Do you want to buydishes, which will be the centerpiece of your table? Do you need high qualityporcelain tableware set, which will create a special mood in any environment?

Our online shope offers you to choose products from our range. With our range, each dish will taste better and the solemn Feast. We are sure that you could afford the sophistication worthy of the Kings.

In our online shop you could buy porcelain ware, based on yours tastes and preferences. In the collections presented dishesfrom Japan: canteens and tea sets, a set of cups, teapots, that will leave unforgettable moments during the tea party, or eating a meal. Exquisite porcelain, tableware with classic marking of gold, with matte and glossy color enamel, geometric patterns have to like those who appreciates understated luxury at his table.

All Japanese porcelain ware is:

  • High quality. Porcelain was treasured again since ancient times, this cookware could afford only noble. All thanks to the high quality of the Cookware.

  • Durable. Porcelain is made of special innovative technologies, making it safe from scratches, chips or other damage. Over time, it will not lose its glossy sheen and porcelain Japonica you could pass on yours children and grandchildren.

  • Sturdy. Japanese porcelain is not afraid of high temperatures, so it doesn't break from hot tea or coffee.

  • Safety. Porcelain ware keeps the heat, it's made from safe materials not absorbing odors and don't emit harmful substances in food.

  • Gourmet. All tableware Japonica has the original bright design, worthy of the most luxurious holiday table.

Modern views on conservative things

All porcelain, presented in our online shope meets quality standards. It's made in accordance with the canons of world production, traditions which have evolved over the centuries. All porcelain tableware is designed, how to use at home and for serving tables respectable restaurants. That is why you could buy porcelain ware wholesale. Besides, we offer glassware, thermoses, vases, enamelware. In general, everything is on the table and in the kinchen. Buy the true luxury of Japan you could right now.