Enamel bucket 18 sm "Fuji Horo", series of "Belle Femme"

Enamel bucket 18 sm "Fuji Horo", series of  "Belle Femme"

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Manufacturer: Fuji Horo (Japan)

Tray size: 18 sm

Volume: 1,8 liters

Smooth inside surface processing technology and all of the properties of glass, the inherent enamelled coatings provide benefits that cannot be played using other materials. Food flavour is not distorted, because there is no the ions of metal. The smell of food is not delayed on the walls of Cookware. The coating is resistant to alkalis and acids, and doesn’t enter into chemical reaction with food.  Smooth glassy surface prevents the growth of bacteria and is far superior to stainless steel, aluminum and other materials on sanitary properties and ease of maintenance.

Remember. That the enamel is a vitreous coating and doesn't suffer abuse such as: shock, falls to the floor and so on. In these cases, the coating may crack, so handle with care.


- Not to put to fire empty without products. If, by mistake, the item was empty to put to fire, no need to cool rapidly under running water, exposed to natural cooling. Otherwise, the enamelware could crack.

- Adjust burner flame so that its diameter corresponds to the diameter of the piece and doesn't warm up the handle.

- Cleaning products don't use meal brushes. Wash item you need hot water and neutral detergent using a soft sponge tool.